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Glass Door

Glass Door

At Al-Luluh Pergolas, work to provide a quick and effective solution to make any Glass door and Glass window just as elegant as aluminum profile. But without the hassle / expense / of installation and maintenance.

Glass For Front Doors

A frontal door gives a home a lot of character — whether it’s a solid door with bold color and doesn’t have any windows or if it has full panes of ornamental glass inserts. Front doors also give security for the home and everyone outside, which can occasionally be delicate when a frontal door has glass inserts. A significant factor that comes into play when choosing a frontal door is the security it can give.
still, but are a security concern, there are several types of glass that you can choose from that are strong and have a high sequestration standing. If you’re interested in a frontal door with glass panes. At Your Door Our Glass, we have a range of glass pergolas door inserts that will give your home the character you want and the security you need.

TEMPERED Glass door

This is a common type of glass used in homes and is a type of anneal glass, but is four times as strong. To make tempered glass, annealed glass is cut to the asked size and also hotted to around 1200 ℉ and also cooled snappily. Tempered glass is also used in vehicles and can be broken fairly fluently, so if you’re looking for security, this may not be the stylish option.


This type is also made of three layers and offers the loftiest position of security. It’s also known as laminated glass and is made of three layers that are clicked together. There are two glass external layers and a middle subcaste made of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene-vinyl acetate. This middle subcaste is what makes it so strong if the pane is broken, it won’t shatter or deteriorate.

Three layers Subcaste GLASS

As the name suggest, this type of glass is made with three different layer and offers further security. With triadic-layer glass, the two outside layers are temper glass, and the middle subcaste is an ornamental panel. The three layers in one pane make the glass stronger and is less likely to break.

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